From Dresden and Saxony to the world! – Digital Days 2020

Jul 13, 2020

Dresden is the heart of Saxony, with a long and prestigious history, a variety of marvelous chronicled artifacts and sites that serve as historical landmarks. The Elbe river and the surrounding vegetation make the city, a nature lover’s paradise. Dresden is quite famous for its architecture, nature, and cultural heritage. The Semperoper, Frauenkirche, and Saxon Switzerland attract over six million tourists to the city and the surrounding area every year. At the center of Saxony, Dresden, under the canopy of SiliconSaxony, is fueling the development of microelectronics and many other future technologies for its residents.

The city’s numerous research institutions and universities provide endless outstanding new ideas and technology. Perhaps, it is not widely known that the filter bag and toothpaste were invented in Dresden. But above all, the city is particularly strong in the fields of microelectronics and nanotechnology. With each passing second, a myriad of microchips for smartphones and automobiles branded with EU origin are manufactured here locally. Mobile communications, artificial intelligence, smart materials, and e-mobility lay the foundations for the innovative solutions that are produced in Dresden.

TU Dresden is one of the biggest research institutes that is fuelling future technology and its advancement. It is the only university in Eastern Germany to hold the title of the University of Excellence. With its faculties and professorships, it bundles scientific expertise in the region and beyond. Outstanding professionals, who are birthed from this university, are responsible for numerous start-ups and university spin-offs including Wandelbots, shaping the future with innovative products.

Dresden is a dynamic city with new ideas driven by large multinational organisations, medium-sized companies and fast-growing start-ups. The future-oriented economic structure and the support that the city itself receives are decisive for the strong development of this megalopolis. Not only do knowledge and business pave the way here, Dresden itself is above all a city with a high quality of life. Dresden is colourful and Dresden is open-minded. We at Wandelbots love Dresden. It is our home where everyone is welcome. We welcome talents from all over the world with open arms and stand for a peaceful and respectful togetherness.

The Hannover Messe digital days 2020 is a great opportunity for us to show the world what Saxony is capable of. Saxony has always been a regular at the HANNOVER MESSE with over 100 individual exhibitors and this year, the norm will continue, although virtually. At the fair, Wandelbots and other stakeholders from Saxony’s innovation landscape will showcase their products to thousands of viewers in a special Saxon digital expert program. This is a great opportunity to see our TracePen in action as we show you how it is used to perform a deburring application in this online session.

“Inspire with new technology and enable robotics for everyone. That is our goal.”

Maria Piechnick
CPO & Co-founder

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Business Development Woking Student

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