Industry 4.0 is Already Here – Are You Ready?

Jul 3, 2020

We are on the verge of yet another huge industrial revolution thanks to the emergence of the internet of things, cyber-physical systems, and cloud computing. The manufacturing industry is encountering a sturdy transformation, and it’s happening as we speak. Amid this change, it may seem incredibly daunting as it was with its predecessors and shall bare a similar magnitude of impact on how the future manufacturing facilities will operate. Right now, it’s crucial for manufacturers to keep up with the advances in the industry, as they are necessitated to have a large impact on the future of production. The technology that we develop here at Wandelbots is a part of this revolution. We provide with you the tools to produce competitively in a global scale enabling future production facilities to be more flexible and efficient.

Without a doubt, all four revolutions have bought about great transformations. In the very beginning, the invention of the steam engine changed our archaic production process. We began to mechanize the production process in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Then came the second industrial revolution which was characterized by mass production with the introduction of assembly lines in factories as a way to boost productivity. A third industrial revolution gradually began to surface in the late 1950s, with the digitalization of the manufacturing processes. This is up until now as we are going through another drastic transformation. With that in mind, we need to identify the necessary changes to be made in the manufacturing processes and produce technologies accordingly. 

Simply put the new industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 calls attention to the commitment of uniting the physical and the digital worlds through smart factories. This type of intelligent networking and communication will open the doors to many possibilities. Our future factories will be much more flexible. Having a digitally connected production process coordinates each and every step for better machine loads with varying demands. Our products will also be much more customer-oriented. This will require quick convertibility in production processes. Thus, it would be possible for individualised products to be manufactured in small quantities at an affordable price.  

If we look into a modern factory floor, be it small, medium, or large we can see the utilization of robotic arms. This gives much more flexibility in process alterations and resource utilization compared to a custom build automation solution. As the majority move towards Industry 4.0, we will see a large number of deployed robotic arms on the factory floor. It makes way to a greater variety of product customization. With frequent product customizations, these smart robots will need to be reprogrammed accordingly. This is where the Wandelbots comes into play. 

The conversion to digital factory has been taking place in almost every company that wants to produce competitively in the World. At this stage, you must be looking forward to deploying the methods that you can enhance processes with Industry 4.0 on your shop floor. However, most of us could feel overwhelmed due to limitations in knowledge and capacity especially when it comes to robotic programming. As for the moment special skills are need for programming these machines and it takes considerable time and resources. However, with technologies like Wandelbots, the process can be made much easier. 

Being platform-independent, Wandelbots Software can be used to teach any of these robots quite easily. It is specially designed to mimic and record the tool path so the robot can follow the same movements. This process makes automating tasks super easy and simple. With this technology, we developed at Wandelbots any person can intuitively do all this much, yet quicker than a seasoned programmer enabling your organization to keep ahead in the game with a flexible and highly customizable production process.  

Indeed, those that prepare now and develop agile ways of addressing this imminent transformation will most likely lead the way and shall benefit from doing so. If (and here it comes) you have the right equipment, the future will be bright. 

Liebe den Wandel, we say. 

“We must deal quickly with the fusion of the online world and the world of industrial production.

Angela Merkel 
Chancellor of Germany

About the author

Prasadi Gunawardana

Business Development Woking Student


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