Looking Back to What We Have Achieved in 2019

Apr 23, 2020

The last year was a successful, often crazy, time for Wandelbots. So many good things happened in just 365 days that it is hard to write everything down in one text. In January 2019, we were only a small group of twelve people working on disrupting the world of robotics but by the end of the year we were a team of almost 70 people working towards the goal of making cutting-edge robotics technology accessible for everyone.

At the beginning of the year, our main focus was on the SmartJacket, with which robots can be taught in real-time. But in spring, based on the great feedback from customers, we decided two things: First, we needed more people to follow this path. This meant for the following weeks and months recruiting and on-boarding new, talented employees at tremendous speed. Second, while the jacket was an easy tool for robot teaching, there were still some changes possible to make the technology even more appealing to industrial users. So, we started developing our TracePen – a hand-held tool with which the user can intuitively demonstrate a robot what to do. In June 2019, we assembled and tested the first prototype for the GIFA fair which took place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Having been received enthusiastically by potential customers, we fully dedicated ourselves the last months to get the TracePen ready for the market.

Now, we are able to launch this tool in summer 2020 after one crazily productive year of development. It is a testimony to our amazing team having developed a radically new product at high speed and quality. During the phase of development it was important for us to consistently integrate industry feedback into our product conducting proof-of-value projects with customers such as VW, BMW, but also many small- and medium-sized enterprises which have just started working with robots.

During the last year, we were also present at several events all around the world ; from fairs such as the SPS Nuremberg to the IREX in Japan, to award evets such as the “Factory of the Year” event in Esslingen, Germany where we won the price as the best start up; or the NTT Data award, which we also proudly won in Munich. We, definitely, still have to mention one of our highlights this year, which was in October when some of us at Wandelbots met Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, in their headquarters in Seattle to show him our TracePen product. Satya Nadella himself taught a robot remotely from Redmond with our TracePen and the skill was executed by a robot in Dresden in real time. For us, this was a great showcase of the power of our technology as well as the benefits that cloud deployment of robot arms can bring to a wider industrial customer base.

There is now just one question left: What´s coming next? Well, no one can predict the future, but you can be sure that there will be tons of exciting announcements throughout the year and we’ll keep you posted. Subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss a thing!


                                                                                                            Cheers, Your Wandelbots Team 


Top Image: Wandelbots with Satya Nadella at Microsoft
Left Image: Wandelbots at OTEC (Global Winner)
Right Image: Wandelbots at NTT Data (Munich Winner)

“Our vision is to build the ‘Windows’ for robotics – making technology previously inaccessible to most, suddenly easy-to-use. This will change shop-floors across all industries forever and allow new market segments to profit from automation”

Christian Piechnick
CEO Wandelbots

About the author

Annelie Harz

Marketing Specialist


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