Microsoft’s Satya Nadella remote teaches a robot from the USA to Germany

Apr 23, 2020

With the right technology, distance is never a barrier!
You may have already obtained some information about our TracePen and it’s functionalities but we tried something new and different in October last year.
We visited the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella at Redmond, Washington with some of our founders and team members while we had another group of team members in our Dresden office at the same time. The robot was set up in our Dresden office while our TracePen was in the hands of Satya Nadella several miles away in another continent. It is important to note that prior to our meeting, Satya Nadella had never personally programmed a robot but this, of course, was not a problem. Our goal is to make robot-programming a walk-over for everyone.

Not only did Satya Nadella program a robot seamlessly, he was able do it from such a long distance too! He taught the robot a gluing application writing a single line of code. Call it virtual robot programming, remote robot programming, long distance robot programming or any phrase that fits better but the most important fact is that it is possible and our technology is simply ground-breaking!

As a result of the time-difference between Washington and Dresden, this event took place at 3am (European time) and over a dozen employees volunteered to stay in the office even at that time just to make sure the whole process was hassle-free. Beyond being proud of our ground-breaking technology, we’re even more proud of our extremely dedicated employees.

“Our vision is to build the ‘Windows’ for robotics – making technology previously inaccessible to most, suddenly easy-to-use. This will change shop-floors across all industries forever and allow new market segments to profit from automation”
Christian Piechnick
CEO Wandelbots

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