More Than Just an Internship – Janek’s Story

Apr 23, 2020

Janek started as an intern at Wandelbots and is now a working student. Here is his story how he became part of the Wandelbots family and his experiences in working in a startup.

Janek says: “For my sixth semester at the university, I planned to take on an internship. After some research, I decided on a project about Artificial Intelligence. Then I started the search for an interesting company to work at. My project proposal sparked the interest of Georg Püschel and that was how I joined Wandelbots as an AI (Artificial Intelligence) intern in October 2019.
Although there was no particular AI team at that time and I had the responsibility of achieving my goals independently, I was provided with all the resources I needed. Whenever I got stuck, there was always someone ready to assist me.

The feedback I got during and after the project was amazing! Knowing that my work was relevant and appreciated irrespective of my technical background, gave me the confidence to do more but more than just that, the working climate was optimal for me. At the end of my internship, I got an offer from Christoph Biering, the head of the now existing AI team, to continue working at Wandelbots as a working student. Of course, when you work with people who are driven by purpose, all striving to achieve a common ground-breaking goal, you don’t have to think twice about staying. We then created a proper structure for the AI team which now 4 people are working in.

Our main goal is to harness data in order to elevate the robot-teaching process and make robot programming even more natural. We want to push beyond the boundaries of the maximum possible speed at which you can program a robot. If you would like to join the AI team, it’s important that you’re goal-oriented and able to think out of the box.”

Are you interested in starting your journey with us and eventually creating your own story? Take a look at our career page for exciting opportunities.

PS: When I’m not at the Wandelvilla with my fingers on my keyboard, you may find my fingers on guitar strings making what I believe is good music!

Janek Zangenberg
AI Workstudent, Wandelbots

About the author

Dikachi Chizim

Communications & Social Media Working Student


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