Our Top 5 Company Values

Apr 24, 2020

Defining Wandelbots’ company culture in a single phrase might be a daunting task because there are many exciting facets that must be included in such a phrase. However, to put it as simply as possible, there exists a series of values that drive every team member to create so much positive energy that is often extremely contagious.

1. The first rule about responsibility: we don‘t just talk about responsibility 

It‘s all about our behavior, the decisions we make and the plans we follow. They all have short and long term consequences for us, for the company, for successful partnerships and in general, for the society. So we don’t just talk about our responsibilities but we make a conscious effort to always act responsibly and carry out our activities in a sustainable way.

2. Work hard, kick ass and never surrender

Launching an innovation can be quite challenging especially because we are creating something that never existed before. Certainly, there have been and will be times when we don’t get the exact result we expect but we are always steadfast and we never surrender.

3. You fight for the company, the company fights for you  

We are like the musketeers, holding together and supporting each other because we understand that important tasks are better achieved with cooperation. Therefore, we work hand in hand with trust and respect, keeping in mind to value this trust. Selfish interests are put aside for the greater good of the company’s success.

4. Don‘t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they‘re crazy enough

Wandelbots is built on crazy but awesome dreams. To reach our goal, we leave conventional means behind and follow unconventional ideas. This is why we ensure that everyone is able to freely express their ideas at any time, mistakes are corrected politely and criticisms are given and received respectfully.

5. Anything complicated is shit

One of our biggest advantages is being fast. In order to keep that speed and not get lost with the little things, we keep everything lean and simple. Make clear decisions, create fast processes and maintain agility.

These values, among others, are what we live by and who we are.

Start your journey with us today. Take a look at our career page for available opportunities. 

“Invest in people. They are the heart of your business and the most important asset.”

Georg Püschel
CTO Wandelbots

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Zarah Laaß

Head of People & Culture


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