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Your Vision. Our Software.

Enabling You Every Step of the Way.

We enable you to design and drive your unique automation journey using cutting-edge software. Explore a universe where diverse robot applications harmoniously run on a single software stack.

Discover our Solution
along your Automation Lifecycle



Next-Gen Planning

With our integration into the Nvidia Omniverse, you have the opportunity to virtually plan, simulate and test your robot cell. Your robot tasks are simulated in real time and you can freely choose between robot brands and tools for your use case.



Intuitive Robot App Development

With our help, develop your own customised application app for your company and enable your colleagues to teach robots independently and intuitively. Regardless of the robot brand and environment, you can improve and simplify your robot operation with the user in focus.



Easy Robot Operations

For the operation of your robots, Wandelbots offers you intuitive control surfaces on robot cells that can be operated effortlessly by users regardless of the robot brand. You can now move and effortlessly adapt your robots across all applications - whether palletising, grinding or others.

Supporting Leading Robot Brands

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Fabio Gehrlicher - Business Development Director (International)
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