TracePen Launch Series 2: The Solution to the Problems of Today’s Industry

May 22, 2020

In the first article of this series, we summarized the major problems faced by today’s industry. If you have not had the chance to read it yet, now is a good time to do so! In this new article, we highlight how the TracePen is the ‘one-product-fits-all’ solution to the major problems listed in the previous article.

Defining a new era of AI-based human/robot interaction

After several decades of mundane programming methods, it is now time to adopt a new and more intuitive technology. Rather than writing several lines of customized codes for each robot and for each task, our software simply learns automation tasks from human demonstrations. With just one example, the software generates a task model out-of-the-box! Wandelbots works with the cutting-edge interaction and visualization frameworks. By investing heavily in usability and user experience, our app defines a completely new level of human/machine interaction.

90% of SME problems are addressed by the TracePen

The major barriers perceived by SMEs with regards to industrial automation include complexity inflexibility, high cost and lack of skills. With our TracePen, these barriers ultimately cease to exist. The user-friendly interface eliminates complexity and the code generated for each skill can be transferred to various robots also eliminating inflexibility. Without prior programming knowledge, the TracePen enables everyone to teach a robot. Therefore, no technical skills are required. This not only solves the lack of skill problem but also cuts cost for the business since 70% of the total life cost of each robot is attributed to software services.

The enabler for the agile manufacturing

Today robots are used in low-mix, high-volume productions of large industries. Wandelbots is the enabler which brings robots to all industries. Our software speeds up the processes by automatically generating fully integrated automation scripts based on human demonstrations. The concept is applicable for different robot models from different manufacturers making it platform independent and you can re-program your robots within minutes to react to changing requirements thereby saving your time! Evidently, Wandelbots is the standard software layer for all robots.

COVID-19 makes case for push to Software-Defined Robotics

COVID-19 underlines that remote work needs to be adopted not only for office jobs but also on shop floors. Lights-out production makes it possible for critical processes to continue even during shocks like novel diseases. The TracePen enables remote robot programming. This means that you can teach a robot even from a distant, offsite location. Factories need to adapt quickly in order to ensure continuous production without risking the health of their employees. Also, with the current economic pressure, firms need to switch to a more cost-effective solution and to even tackle the problem of unavailable experts within their geographical region – with remote teaching, they can basically live wherever they want. Considering all these factors, there’s no doubt that the best time to automate is now! With our TracePen, the entire process is simply a walk-over and as we offer a subscription-based pricing model there is no one-off payment and no lock-in-effect which results in ultra-quick amortization.

Now that you know how essential the TracePen is for your automation journey, we invite you to get a first-hand live experience of how it works. Save your spot now for our TracePen launch webinar series and watch how the TracePen is used for different applications.

In the next article of this blog series, we will present more insights about our product, our company and how we got to this point. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about all our activities.

“50% of all tasks will be done by robots in 2025”
World Economics Forum 2018

About the author

Martin Wanitschke

VP Business Development



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