TracePen Launch Series 3: The Product Journey

May 29, 2020

This is the third article in the TracePen launch series. Before you dive in, you can have a look at the first two articles here. In this article, we present a brief summary of our product journey so far and the exciting milestones we have crossed until now. If you want to know more about our entire company history, you can read about it here.

If you have been following our journey from when we first began, you must have noticed an intelligent, sensor-equipped jacket which a robot arm was moved with and taught in real time. This was the initial idea which caught the attention of several companies and investors and then led to the creation of Wandelbots as a company. Although the jacket was an easy tool for robot teaching, we still had the opportunity of making the technology even more appealing to industrial users. This then led to the development of our TracePen – a hand-held, pen-shaped tool with which the user can intuitively demonstrate a new skill to a robot and teach the robot even more precisely and in real time too.

In June 2019, we tested the first prototype of this TracePen at the GIFA fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. The feedback we received after the fair was truly overwhelming. It was evident that the TracePen would create much more traction and so we fully focused on this product in order to get it ready for the market.

In the end of 2019, we had already successfully carried out several pilot projects using our TracePen and even while it was still in the development phase, we received a lot of positive feedback. The pilot projects also enabled us to consistently integrate industry feedback into our product and develop a technology that perfectly aligns with our customers’ needs. We wrote an article about an exciting pilot project: the Inspection Application at Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory, Dresden which you can read about.

Finally, we are now ready to show you this ground-breaking technology in our live webinars next month. To get a first-hand experience, register for our various sessions here.

In our next article which will be published next week, we’ll discuss some of the main features of our TracePen. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and also follow us across social media to always stay updated on all our activities.

Top Image: Wandelbots TracePen
Left Image: Wandelbots SmartJacket
Right Image: Wandelbots PilotProject at Volkswagen Transparent Factory

The Wandelbots’ solutions offer the industry, especially the automation by robotics, an enormous boost in the realization.

Marco Weiß
Head of New Mobility & Innovations
at DIE GLÄSERNE MANUFAKTUR – Volkswagen’s “Center for Future Mobility”

About the author

Annelie Harz

Marketing Specialist



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