TracePen Launch Series 4: The Product Features

Jun 4, 2020

It is now less than two weeks to our TracePen launch webinar series and we are sure you are just as excited as we are about this. In this article, we present an overview of the main features of our TracePen as well as our Wandelbots App but before you dive in, please have a look at the first three articles in this series to ensure that you’re absolutely up to date.

The TracePen is the ‘perfect tool for robot automation’ and the following unique features, amongst several others, confirm this phrase:

  • Exchangeable Tips: The TracePen comes with different detachable and exchangeable tips. Each tip is specially crafted to suit a specific application or a specific task and so one tool is indeed applicable for different processes.
  • High Precision 6D Tracking: The TracePen combines state of the art optical and electro-magnetic tracking with sub-millimeter precise tracking results.
  • Ergonomic Design: The TracePen was designed with maximum ergonomics in mind. Inspired by the tools you already know; it simply feels natural and convenient in your hands.
  • Haptic Feedback: Through haptic feedback, the TracePen tells you exactly what you are doing. You can carry out a task without necessarily holding the tablet.
  • Wireless Communication: The TracePen communicates out-of-the-box wirelessly with the Wandelbots PC. Hence, no wiring is necessary.

The Wandelbots App also has top-notch features that work together with the TracePen. With our app, it is possible to teach different robots the same way with the same interface. The following are some of the key features of the App:

  • Tool Integration: The Wandelbots App enables the integration of different end-of-arm-tools in the process logic. It supports different tool types such as linear grippers, vacuum grippers, polishing discs, paint gun, gluing nozzle, and several others.
  • Full System Integration: Using the Wandelbots App, you can integrate the robot into the production system via communication with I/Os (Inputs and Outputs).
  • AI Path Generation: The Wandelbots App enables AI-based fully automatic prediction of keyframes and interpolation modes (P2P, linear, circular). Also, it ensures full path-definition within seconds.
  • Offline Simulation: The entire control script with defined dynamic velocities can be simulated offline. Iterative refinement of the scripts is also possible offline.
  • Keyframe Adjustment: Individual keyframes as well as keyframe groups can be adjusted precisely on the App; down to a submillimeter range.
  • Joint & Cartesian Control: The Wandelbots App enables you to safely control all the robot joints irrespective of the number of joints on the robot arm. It also enables safe cartesian control for every kinematic chain either in continuous motion or absolute values.
  • Visual Programming: Easily build your own processes and procedures using graphic elements, for example, integrate loops, breaks or conditions.

  • Code Generation: After successfully teaching a new skill, the code for the robot is generated in the respective programming language and can also later be edited.

Tool Integration

Keyframe Adjustment

Would you like to see all these features in action? Then register for our live webinars now and get a first-hand experience for yourself! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and be always informed about the latest updates on our TracePen.

    “Our vision is to build the ‘Windows’ for robotics – making technology previously inaccessible to most, suddenly easy-to-use. This will change shop-floors across all industries forever and allow new market segments to profit from automation”

    Christian Piechnick
    CEO Wandelbots

    About the author

    Maria Piechnick 

    VP Product


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