TracePen Launch Series 5: A Thank You Note

Jun 12, 2020

In the last four weeks, we published exciting and insightful articles about our TracePen and our journey so far. We’re glad that you were able to follow through this blog series but if you didn’t, you can still have a look at all the previous articles in detail following the links below:

As the TracePen launch is now even closer than ever, we can’t help but look back at all the milestones we crossed before getting to this point and sincerely, we couldn’t have achieved any of it without you! This 5th article in our TracePen launch blog series is dedicated to you. Yes, YOU!

To our employees who are the heart of our company, thank you for your total dedication and for making up the world’s best team!

To our partners, for your trust in our product and in our company, and for the wonderful cooperation we have built together, we are sincerely grateful.

To our investors, for the boost, mentorship, exposure and influence you have given us since day one, we are deeply thankful.

To our social media followers, newsletter subscribers and blog readers, thank you for your enormous engagement and for always taking in what we put out.

Finally, to every single person who has supported us in one way or the other to make this big breakthrough possible, we acknowledge your contributions and we say: Thank you!

Now let’s take the most important step together as we launch into a new era of robotics! Starting this Wednesday (June 17, 2020), we are finally revealing our TracePen to you through our series of webinars. We will show you in detail, how this product is used to teach robots new skills within minutes as well as all the exciting features that make our TracePen the perfect tool for robotic process automation. Join for celebrating this huge milestone from wherever you are by signing up here. Mark your calendars, it’s just five days to go!

If you would also like to stay informed about our current and future activities, subscribe to our newsletter now.

“Our vision is to build the ‘Windows’ for robotics – making technology previously inaccessible to most, suddenly easy-to-use. This will change shop-floors across all industries forever and allow new market segments to profit from automation”
Christian Piechnick
CEO Wandelbots

About the author

Dikachi Chizim

Communications & Social Media Working Student


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