Inspection Application at Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory, Dresden

Apr 23, 2020

Prior to our official product launch which will take place in August 2020, we have been working on some pilot projects as preliminary studies to evaluate the technical feasibility and intuitive use of our TracePen. So far, we have had several successful use cases one of which was the project with Volkswagen carried out by Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden.

Our TracePen was used to teach a robot to recognize and evaluate the specific points (spots) on a car engine. The data acquisition was done with the help of a camera that took pictures of the object. The collected data was then analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI) and checked for accuracy before being used to make decisions about the condition of the engine components.

A mobile robot was used for this process. With our software, the learning process was much easier and faster than the conventional process, mainly because of the adaptive programming function of our application. Once the first recording point was reached, the system automatically calculated the other recording points with reference to the original point.

One of the main advantages of our technology is the adaptive function. This function allows you to change the position of the robot while maintaining the processes taught to the robot. The robot recognizes this change and seamlessly adapts to its new position and also automatically recalculates the points to be moved to further. This saves more time as it is no longer necessary to reprogram the robot for each movement.

Obviously, this approach goes beyond saving time, as it also saves Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory enormous costs.

“The Wandelbots’ solutions offer the industry, especially the automation by robotics, an enormous boost in the realization.”

Marco Weiß
Head of New Mobility & Innovations
at DIE GLÄSERNE MANUFAKTUR – Volkswagen’s “Center for Future Mobility”

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