Weiyun’s Story: From Business to Software Development – Wandel is always possible at Wandelbots

Jul 24, 2020

Weiyun is currently a working student supporting the backend team. She shares an inspiring story on how she started as a business development working student at Wandelbots and after some interesting months made a switch back to her original career in computer science.

Weiyun says:

“At a bar camp sponsored by Wandelbots, I saw a really cool demo with the SmartJacket. During that time, I was searching for a part-time job to combine with my ongoing B.Sc. degree in computer science at TU Dresden. So, I checked if this cool company had any openings. I found an opening for a business development working student, applied for the role and got it!

Wandelbots made me understand that I could really make a difference with them. This sounds very general and vague and perhaps like some sort of advertisement, but I’ll recall some real memories here: The Foyer wasn’t as it is now – with a demonstrator; and the office spaces were still being restructured. Daily, I saw the people working there with so much confidence and determination, building up everything from scratch and I was excited to be a part of that. I was able to take on the role of a business development working student because of my previous professional experience in sales. However, I always remembered my first day at Wandelbots and how the CEO, Christian Piechnick, told me that as I work for Wandelbots, Wandelbots would help me become a real programmer. This was after he discovered that I was studying computer science at TU Dresden. Nevertheless, I stayed in business development for quite some time and gathered incredible educational experiences while keeping Christian’s words in mind.

I moved to the backend team in March 2020. As I gathered more experience from the university, I began to apply this knowledge to my new role. Even as a newbie, I quickly understood the goal of the backend team which is to bring the robot and the user together. The user side is the Wandelbots App (the front end) while the robot side is the object which carries out the tasks. The backend is in the middle, working the magic.

The dynamics of the team is what I love the most because the ideas always come from many different dimensions. When I was at the business development team, doing what I had some experience with, I was given a huge space and trust to manage the tasks and execute decisions independently. In the backend team, everyone takes out time to guide me on the processes that would make my job much easier and yield the desired results. This is of course self-evident, since the entire team has the same goal of delivering an optimum product.

If you’re interested in joining the backend or business development team, all I can say is that it’s too good to miss! Generally, being with this company, for me, has been very fulfilling!”

PS: When I’m not going to the Wandelvilla or the university, you might just find me hiking in nature or baking.

Weiyun Chen
Backend Working Student, Wandelbots

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Dikachi Chizim

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Weiyun Chen

Backend Working Student

  1. Junjie Cai

    very impressive. Hope I can be a member of Wandelbots company one day.


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