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Why Wandelbots



is Key

Whether you're a system integrator or a cell provider paving the way for automation, a rooted family business or a global enterprise aiming to evolve, our primary mission is to empower YOU every step of the way of your automation journey.


Sustainable Growth
and Progress

Labor shortages and skill gaps shouldn't hold back your automation aspirations. If you're geared towards enhancing your automation lifecycle with a sharp focus on robotics, we're here to guide, facilitate, and accelerate your ambitions.


The Status Quo

The automation industry has its conventions. But to truly innovate, it's essential to question the norms. Are you ready to rethink and reshape the future of automation with us?

The Wandelbots Way



Our Software —
Automation Catalyst

Dive into a platform designed to reinvent human-robot interaction. From virtually building and simulating your complex automation environment to physically operating your robots in your factory by using tailored and self-designed apps. Our software is the unified, overarching building block for your automation.


Unified Software Stack for Varied Robot Apps

Curious about our robot apps? Delve into a universe where a range of robot applications harmoniously run on a single software stack, addressing a diverse set of use cases throughout a robot's automation project lifecycle.


User-Centric Approach

At Wandelbots, you're at the heart of our innovation. Our software is tailored to offer: Intuitive Design, Seamless Hardware Integration and Developer Empowerment.

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