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Wandelbots for Developers

Connect over a new, empowering robotics platform and automate the world around you.

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Wandelbots has created a space for developers, innovators, and individuals that are ready to expand their robotics coding journey. Learn from those with diverse skills to grow, adapt, and evolve your own expertise.

Wandelbots Developers Community

Code Your Projects for the Future


Engage with inspiring developers who share your passion. Meet developers around the world and become a vital contributor to our developer network, expand your skillset with our innovative technology and explore robot automation. 

Skill Building

Within the Wandelbots community, you will find a network of diverse thought leaders that are dedicated to both personal and professional growth.


Unlock exclusive insights for thinking outside the box to move your projects forward. Explore a dedicated forum for troubleshooting discussions and problem-solving.


Elevate your skills and gain insights from industry leaders, including experienced robotics and automation experts from Wandelbots.

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