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At Wandelbots, we believe robots can do more than just one job. Just like how our world is always changing, we think robots should be able to adapt and change with us. We don't want only the experts to have all the fun; we want everyone to experience the magic of automation.


Our name combines the German word 'Wandel' (meaning change) with 'Bot', showing our love for our roots and our passion for modern tech. In simple words, we're here to shake things up, make robots more accessible, and let everyone be a part of this exciting journey.  



Enabler of Automation

We're a Software DeepTech start-up, developing a technology stack that simplifies human-robot interaction. It's our attempt at bringing a fresh perspective to the automation industry.

Our approach is different. Instead of the usual, we prioritize the user in our software development, leveraging modern software engineering principles. Our motivation? We aim to provide businesses the tools to craft their own automation solutions, addressing broader challenges like labor shortages.


But, at its core, our vision revolves around making robotics more accessible, with the hope of gradually transitioning mundane tasks to more enriching activities.

The Journey of Wandelbots: From Vision to Revolution
Finding a Fresh Path in Robotics

Wandelbots began with a dream: to transform how we view and use robots. Instead of seeing them as rigid, inflexible machines, we imagined them as helpful companions in various industries. It was a vision that dared to challenge an industry steeped in old traditions, outdated technologies, and complex programming methods.

Innovating and Opening Doors

As we ventured forward, our dedication bore fruit. We introduced the world to our no-code robotic solutions, making programming robots simpler than ever. Our award-winning SmartJacket and TracePen became symbols of our innovative spirit. Recognizing the need for collective growth, we opened our tech platform to developers, further fueling the dynamic change in the robotics world.

Strengthening Our Vision

As 2023 dawned, we took a moment to reflect, analyze, and recalibrate. While we had made great strides, we realized our dream of democratizing robotics was only partially realized. To truly harness the market's potential, we decided to hone in on what we do best: user-centric software engineering. Our proprietary software stack is now the heart of Wandelbots' solution framework. With tools that foster easy human-robot interaction and hardware integration, we're ensuring even those without any coding know-how can use and benefit from robots.

Looking Ahead Focus and Ambition

Our vision for the future is clear and bright. We see a world where businesses, be it a local family-run shop or a global giant, be it a system integrator or an automation cell builder, everyone can tap into the power of robotics with ease. By enabling them to virtualize, simulate, and craft custom robotic applications, we're paving the way for unparalleled growth and productivity. At Wandelbots, we're not just imagining the future; we're building it, one robot at a time.

A Journey Supported by Visionary Investors

Meet The Founders & Leadership Team


Christian Piechnick

  • Christian LinkedIn

CEO & Co-Founder


Christoph Biering

  • Christoph - LinkedIn



Stephan Hotz

  • Stephan - LinkedIn

Chief Product Officer


Maria Piechnick

  • Maria LinkedIn



Christoph P. Schreiber

  • CPS LinkedIn

Chief Experience Officer


Julian Herrmann

  • Julian - LinkedIn

Chief Operating Officer


Georg Püschel

  • Georg - LinkedIn



Katharina Jessa

  • Katharina LinkedIn

Chief Revenue Officer


Martin Wanitschke

  • Martin - LinkedIn

Chief of Staff

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