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Artistry in Automation
Reimagining Cake Decoration with a Robotic Touch.

Dive into a world where automation meets artistry. Discover how we enabled Pinecone Automation a system integrator focussed on empowering bakeries with standardized robotic cells, to create intricate cake designs that mirror human craftsmanship, ensuring a balance of efficiency and elegance.


About the project

Imagine a popular Norwegian bakery chain at a crossroads: their cherished cakes, adored by a vast clientele, demanded their distinctive artisanal touch. But with rising labor shortages, they were struggling to keep pace. That's when Pinecone Automation stepped in, turning traditional craftsmanship into state-of-the-art automated precision. Today, this bakery chain confidently meets soaring demand, ensuring each cake retains its unique essence, no matter the volume.

With Wandelbots, Pinecone Automation has unlocked new avenues of value for their clients through simplified software solutions. And this transformative journey is available for every system integrator, setting them on a path to redefine their offerings and value in the automation ecosystem.

We Enable You to be a Software Pioneer

Intuitive Design

Interfaces that aren't merely user-friendly, but a genuine pleasure to engage with. Designed to resonate with your brand, it fosters a sense of identity and trust with users.

Precision Planning

Wandelbots and Nvidia Omniverse for comprehensive robot application planning. Evaluate reachability, account for physical constraints, and foresee potential roadblocks. Perfect your vision digitally for seamless real-world implementation.

Empowering Developer

Our suite of tools and services empowers developers. We are ensuring that the Wandelbots software stack is constantly evolving, flexible, and primed to realize any software vision a system integrator might have.

Take Automation to the Next Level.

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