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Efficiency in Every Layer
Standardizing Palletizing with Precision and Care.

Step into a realm where automation streamlines the essentials. Witness how we enabled Sojka, a system integrator dedicated to assisting SMEs through standardized robotic cells, ensuring seamless palletizing tasks that mirror human accuracy, striking a balance between productivity and precision.


About the project

In a world where labor shortages are omnipresent, no one wishes to shoulder the burden of heavy loads at their workplace anymore. Automation of less popular but essential tasks has become a priority for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Sojka Automation, a system integrator and machine builder is here to reshape this narrative for SMEs. They've launched their standardized robot cell: ISAC® Palletizer, meticulously designed for user-friendliness. Sojka's solution ensures that their customers are maximizing their automation investment without the constant need for programming assistance. The future of work is here, and Sojka is leading SMEs towards it.

With Wandelbots, Sojka Automation has elevated their game, delivering unprecedented value to their clients by offering a holistic automation solution including an intuitive software application to ensure end customer adoption. This project symbolizes the potential awaiting every system integrator, guiding them towards a new horizon in the automation landscape, reshaping their value propositions and offerings through the power of software.

We Enable You
to be a Software Pioneer like Sojka Automation

Intuitive Design

Interfaces that aren't merely user-friendly, but a genuine pleasure to engage with. Designed to resonate with your brand, it fosters a sense of identity and trust with users.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Navigating the intricate landscape of hardware integration? Our robust driver system ensures the process is both streamlined and efficient, freeing you from integration headaches.

Empowering Developer

Our suite of tools and services empowers developers. We are ensuring that the Wandelbots software stack is constantly evolving, flexible, and primed to realize any software vision a system integrator might have.

Take Automation to the Next Level.
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