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Nvidia Omniverse Robotfarm Wandelbots Software Stack

Reinventing Simulation

Driving Innovation in Virtual Automation

Dive into a world where creativity blends with pragmatism. Discover how Wandelbots redefined simulation approaches for a key automotive player. With advanced virtual tools, we've ushered in swifter, streamlined, and more flexible manufacturing phases. Experience the next phase of automotive production, where detailed procedures are fine-tuned digitally, ensuring precision and perfection in reality.

Learn More About The Project 

In the dynamic world of automobile manufacturing, a customer from the automotive industry faced a pressing challenge. The need to plan and simulate a particularly intricate production step was slowing down processes and escalating costs. Traditional methods were labor-intensive and not agile enough to keep up with the evolving demands of modern car manufacturing.

Wandelbots' simulation software emerged as a game-changer. By enabling virtual planning and real-time simulations, the automotive customer could fast-track the automation of this complex step. This not only reduced the dependency on hardware but also ensured greater accuracy and adaptability. With the capability to virtually represent and fine-tune processes, they could ensure optimal production workflows, saving both time and resources.


This project symbolizes the potential awaiting every company, guiding them towards a new horizon in the automation landscape, reshaping their inhouse software capabilities along the automation lifecycle through the power of Wandelbots.

We Enable You
to be a Software Pioneer

Nvidia Omniverse Wandelbots Software Stack Simulation Scene


Interfaces that aren't merely user-friendly, but a genuine pleasure to engage with. Designed to resonate with your brand, it fosters a sense of identity and trust with users.


Wandelbots and Nvidia Omniverse for comprehensive robot application planning. Evaluate reachability, account for physical constraints, and foresee potential roadblocks. Perfect your vision digitally for seamless real-world implementation.


Our suite of tools and services empowers developers. We are ensuring that the Wandelbots software stack is constantly evolving, flexible, and primed to realize any software vision a system integrator might have.

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