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Skilled Labor Shortage at Record Level

Apr 20, 2023

Companies must continuously develop new strategies to ensure they remain fit for the future. “Robotics and automation play a key role in counteracting the shortage of skilled workers and ensuring Europe’s future viability as a production location,” says Christian Piechnick, founder and CEO of Wandelbots. “After all, to remain competitive, we need to use technologies that make us more productive despite a limited workforce. Making these technologies accessible by reducing complexity and cost is a key component of this,” Piechnick said.

“Wandelbots Robotics Platform”: New Solutions for Robotics However, the implementation of robotic processes is still usually very complex: For a robot to be ready for use, experienced developers must program every step of the process – high costs and a lack of skilled personnel are currently slowing down the pace of automation.

This is where Wandelbots comes in with its “Robots for the People” mission: On the “Wandelbots Robotics Platform”, companies can develop complete robotic solutions faster and easier than ever before. The developer platform is an open and collaborative environment that provides application programming interfaces (APIs), software development kits (SDKs), and documentation to easily design and commission robotic applications. Software developers need no prior knowledge to program new solutions. Thanks to predefined robot models, extensions, and integrations, products and services are ready for the market faster and are provided to customers quickly. Within one runtime environment, diverse robot OEMs in different ecosystems can be centrally coordinated and controlled.

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