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Precision in Every Grain

Elevating Sanding Through Robotic Mastery.

Dive into the realm where tradition meets technology. Explore how system integrators can transform the intricate process of sanding, ensuring unparalleled finishes that combine the best of human touch and robotic precision. Witness a revolution that’s redefining craftsmanship for the modern age.


About the project

In an industry where precision and smooth finishes are paramount, manual sanding has always been a revered art, requiring a careful touch and years of experience. But with the ever-increasing demand for perfection and the challenges of labor shortages, businesses are in need of a sustainable solution. Especially smaller sized businesses. 

Enter the world of automated sanding, where the precision of robots merges with the expertise of seasoned craftsmen and intelligent path recommendations, simplifying operations and eliminating the need for intricate programming expertise. System integrators can now guarantee their end customers impeccable finishes, time after time, without the labor-intensive processes of the past - by offering standardized sanding cells. 

With Wandelbots, navigating the intricacies of sanding automation will become easy for system integrators and machine builders. Wandelbots' software simplifies this process - from planning the cell and building the end user sanding application to ensuring a smooth day-to-day operation. We are setting every system integrator on a path to redefine their offerings and value in the automation ecosystem.

We Enable You to be a Software Pioneer

Intuitive Design

Interfaces that aren't merely user-friendly, but a genuine pleasure to engage with. Designed to resonate with your brand, it fosters a sense of identity and trust with users.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Navigating the intricate landscape of hardware integration? Our robust driver system ensures the process is both streamlined and efficient, freeing you from integration headaches.

Empowering Developer

Our suite of tools and services empowers developers. We are ensuring that the Wandelbots software stack is constantly evolving, flexible, and primed to realize any software vision a system integrator might have.

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