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Robot Operations

Effortless and Intuitive
for Everyone

Step into the command center of modern automation with Wandelbots. Operating your custom apps, you can be ensured that you are always in control, making robot operations intuitive, streamlined, and efficient.

Real-World Applications
Come Alive

Experience the seamless execution of robot applications, from complex tasks like sanding to simple pick-and-place functions. Witness firsthand the harmonization of advanced software with precision machinery.

Path Recommendations

Gone are the days of tedious programming. With our software, get intelligent path recommendations, simplifying operations and eliminating the need for intricate programming expertise through modern input devices and generative AI.

Your Vision,
Our Execution

We don't just provide tools; we empower you. With our solutions, operators can focus on optimizing the result while the software takes care of the intricate robot movements, ensuring maximum quality and efficiency.

A New Way of Operating a Robot

Navigating the world of robotics can be complex with various brands and models in play. Beyond the ease of a consistent interface, our software stack enhances robot operations by integrating 3D object recognition and offering user-guided path recommendations. But we don't stop there.


Our robust remote support capabilities mean no more long waits for on-site experts or frustrating downtimes. Get real-time assistance, or with the tools at your fingertips, troubleshoot issues yourself, boosting self-service and overall efficiency.

Take Automation to the Next Level.
Get in touch today.
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