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Planning Your
Automation Journey

Seamless Integration
Between Real & Virtual

With our integration into the Nvidia Omniverse, you have the opportunity to virtually plan, simulate and test your robot cell. Your robot tasks are simulated in real time and you can freely choose between robot brands and tools for your use case.

Precise & Accurate

Dive deep into Nvidia Omniverse, where you can meticulously plan out robot applications. Test for reachability, consider physical limitations, and material conditions that help you to preemptively address potential challenges, ensuring a flawless real-world execution.

Bridging IT with 

Operational Technology

With our software stack the challenge of syncing Information Technology (IT) with Operational Technology (OT) becomes effortless. We enable you to experience a bi-directional communication between the simulated world and the physical realm, seamlessly.

Expand Your Ideas
Through Existing Showcases

Beyond the digital twin of your main robot, explore a multitude of other robot tools integrated into the Wandelbots software stack. Each virtual robot runs distinctive applications, showcasing the vast capabilities within your reach.

Elevating Robotic Planning

Automation planning can often seem daunting in the fast-paced robotics landscape, especially with hurdles such as inefficient production processes and rapid technological advancements. This is where Wandelbots software comes into play.

We show you how your physical robot and its digital twin work together in real time in the Nvidia Omniverse. With our software stack, you'll learn to love your robot planning. It becomes easier and more precise. We enable you to test robot applications so that they meet current requirements and remain adaptable for the future. We also show you how different robot cells can work together efficiently. Proof that we can easily handle a variety of devices.

Are you ready for an easier path to robot automation?

Take Automation to the Next Level.
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